What colour are you? Read on and we can help you decide!

Sassoon colour

Sassoon- The biggest name in hair and colour that everyone wants. Chromotology is a total colour concept. It has the ability to create spectacular colour and set you apart from other in its bespoke individual way. This is a truly premium service for those that want the utmost colour choice, freedom and service, including the best products and treatments with every service. From the worlds leading name is a world leading colour and style service, we are a Sassoon partner salon giving a great Sassoon service.


Innosense- for the ingredient concious guest. If hair colours done organic this would be it. Innosense is a brand new leading technology colour that contains the revolutionary ME+ molecule. Accredited by the European centre for Allergy research foundation.
-Upto 100% grey coverage
-Upto 3 levels of lift
-Perfect lastingness and evenness
-Rich, vibrant permanent colour


ILLUMINA- More than a colour. A wonder of light...
-Discover new shade possibilities.
-Sheer colour that luminous in every kind of light.
-Superior light reection
-Superior hair protection
-Upto 100% grey coverage with a sheer result
-Latest technology enabling upto 70% more shine, due to the encasing of copper particles that would normally scratch the hair surface, allowing better light reflection

Koleston Perfect

Koleston Perfect is the main colour from Wella it is reliable and consistent with a unique palette of shades.
From Vibrant reds to deep browns.
100% grey coverage, Solid colour eect.
Triluxiv technology based on ammonia: to date no other ammonia-free technology has been proven better colour results with hair protection.
Contains 25% conditioning agents and lipids.
incredible shine.
Can be used in conjunction with other wella colours in techniques.


Q. How much difference in price is there between the colours?
A. Our price list shows all the increases in the cost of colours depending on the colour you choose to use for the best effect on your hair. Koleston Perfect is the starting point of colour then add on £5.00 for ILLUMINA £5.00 for Innosense and £10 for Sassoon.
Sassoon is the premium service in colour in the salon.
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