Are you getting the most from your hairdresser?

When I was asked to write this page, I knew immediately what I wanted to discuss : the topic of client satisfaction.

I am privileged to be a partner-business with the likes of Wella and 365 Day Hairdressing Group. They and many other large companies in my industry believe not only in quality hairdressing but, even more so, in quality service. They do regular client surveys and publish their findings. I want to share these with you in the hope that they will help you receive the service you deserve by giving you confidence to talk to your hairdresser.

The research findings:
Clients expectations of consultation :
Should be more in-depth 70%

Should include:
style advice 100%
home care advice 96%
condition advice 92%
colour advice 90%
latest trend advice 86%

What clients actually received in consultation:
Colour mentioned by stylist
35% only
Colour advice offered
15% only

Needless to say, if colour was not mentioned by the hairdresser, 0% booked for colour! But compared to those where colour was mentioned, a massive 70% went on to book for colour.

However, a large proportion, 86% of clients, felt they were offered no consultation at all either before the work was done by the stylist or afterwards regarding home care of their hair!

I discovered recently in my role as freelance educator with Wella and also at a 365 Day Course, that these levels of statistical findings have been more or less the same for a number of years! I find this quite incredible and would love to be able make changes, however slight at first, by encouraging you to talk to your hairdresser and receive the service you deserve.

My own company do not get it right all the time but since it was established in 1969 the service aspect of hairdressing has always been a priority. We deliver high quality training and education in skills and do this with the focus of quality service also. The team know that it is important to repeat continually : service, service, client!

So, look at the figures above and ask yourself e.g.
Am I being given what I want for my hair?
Am I being consulted enough about this by my hairdresser?

"Has everything been ok since last time?" is a question which will usually produce a yes answer. But if, as we tell our staff, open questions are used, more information is gathered by the hairdresser.

What problems have you had?
What sits well and what doesn't ?
How have you coped with your style at home?
How could we make it even better for you?

As a feature of this article I would like you to think about what help or advice you might want for your hair. Think of up to 3 problems you have and I will help you with them.

It could be, for example :
*My fringe never sits well
*I do not know how to look after my hairstyle at home
*The back is a problem
*I do not like the products I have
*My scalp and/or hair condition is not good
Send your questions to
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and I will help you with your hair problems.
Ross Miller
1 Meadow St

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