Can I just say before you read this article – there are so many wonderful hairdressing salons out there, in our town and across the UK, it’s been tough for every one of them in the last months, as it has for everyone across the globe.

This year and the coming years, lets visit them, shop local and help each other, they will all look after you, and you will be as safe as you can be in these difficult times. That I know.

Thank you all.

I was watching a “TED” session, if you haven’t watched any, can I recommend you do, there are so many to choose from, but, I always find ones that inspire me.

This one was no different, and it tied in nicely to what I was asked to write about for this edition of 17 Magazine.


The “TED” session was with a chap called Simon Sinek, I have watched him many times and he always says things that ring with me, and this was no different.

He speaks about the “WHY” the “HOW and the “WHAT” in relation to business and why certain companies are successful and perhaps similar ones aren’t as successful.

He has found it is because these successful companies all know “WHY” they are in business not just the “what” or the “how”.

This led me to think about us as a company, Renella. Why do we exist, how have we been in business for over 50 years, what is it we do? All good questions and very thought provoking.

However, this is where I began to make the connection between why we are in business and the magazine title “Empowering Woman”

What I realised is that for all our existence as a hair salon we have always had a “why” and it has created the ability for many, many women to be empowered.

As a Hair salon we are of course in the business of hairdressing, and we have always wanted to create a space where we believe people can come and relax, unwind, chat to us as friends and of course get their hair done to look amazing and feel fantastic when they leave us.

I realised that that was a “why” we existed,

“We BELIEVE in creating a relaxing atmosphere for everyone to come, to look and feel fantastic, to unwind and forget about the outside world, to leave with a new you.”

Now this may seem odd that I have just realised, well, I haven’t, I just haven’t stopped to think about it, we have just created an ethos and we have all bought into that and carried on with that belief.

So, where am I going with this? And how does this tie into empowering woman?

What I also thought from this, is that for the last 50 years or so now, Renella has created many empowered woman (and I have to say men too) and given them the ethos that we have worked too and believed in, whether they are still with us or gone onto other places or jobs, we created a belief in them all, how to look after people, how they should make them look and feel in their place of work, how to behave in an environment of work, business.

Part of what we are as a company is education, we have Renella hair company and as you will no doubt know now we have our academy Medusa Training, both still have the same “why’s”.

we BELIEVE in not only creating complete hairdressers, stylists that can handle any situation, create many styles and know that there is a correct way to look after people, we EMPOWER them to do this.

We give them the right, the tools, to take this and again, whether it’s staying with us or moved onto to other things, we have created so many wonderful stylists, so many wonderful receptionists, so many great managers and now owners, so many now self employed stylists around the town we have this heritage in.

Each and everyone of them is great in their own way, each of them has a fantastic business or work for someone else perhaps and has a fantastic business with in that place of work, and we are proud to have been part of their creation, their path was created here at Renella and yes they have added to this path, but the grounding, the training, that has “Empowered” them to become who they are now all started because of our WHY!

“We BELIEVE in creating a relaxing atmosphere for everyone to come, to look and feel fantastic, to unwind and forget about the outside world, to leave with a new you.”

Welcome to our home, you are invited in, to relax and to be empowered in how you look and feel, which is Fantastic!