Why come to our academy to get your training? Read on to find out why…

Get your apprentices trained for you by experienced trainers in our fantastic academy. Allowing you to get on with running your business whilst we make your apprentice the best salon-ready stylist you could ask for.

It’s our history and what has made our salon.

We have our own academy/training provider,  called Medusa Training Academy. We claim funding from Skills Development Scotland, so what exactly do we mean by FREE training and opening our doors?:

  • We started this because of our history in training and how many stylists we have created. We wanted to be able to expand this for our national skills agency.
  • We have been training our own team for 50 years now, growing our own hairdressers and bringing them onto the salon floor. They have become successful in our salon and into their own futures.Through this we can take any salon- employed apprentices through their Level 2 and Level 3 (SVQ level 5 and Level 6), training them how to be a hairdresser.
  • We are training around 60 apprentices at present from various salons across Scotland, all going through their qualifications, with the same goal: to be the best they can be on the salon floor, with the best practical training and knowledge we can deliver to them.Some of our trainers went through the  first ever pilot schemes of these levels way back when they first brought them out, so we know a thing or two about them.
  • We don’t rush training, we maximise it, so that all the apprentices we train get the confidence they need in their own time to help them feel and understand better.Being a salon ourselves, we understand the importance of what is needed in training to help your salon have the best apprentices who become the best hairdressers. That’s why unlike many other academies we make them salon-ready.
  • Every aspect of theory and knowledge is delivered and understood to help all your apprentices be able to perform better in the salon, either as an apprentice or as a stylist.
  • We have a proper syllabus to follow, and as an owner you will have access to all the material your apprentice is going through so you can track their progress, but you won’t have to lift a finger to train them.

Medusa Training takes care of everything, from registration to certification. You can come to us whether you are on a training programme already or perhaps you aren’t and don’t know what to do, even if you have started at college but would prefer a salon training, or with another provider. All this is easy to come to us, and remember we take care of it all, and it’s FREE.

So, if you are a salon in the central belt, looking for apprentices, or to give them the best training you can, making them as salon-ready as possible and don’t want to have to pay for it, then give us a call on 01324 638 603 or email us at

Some questions we get asked, just to maybe quench your thoughts.

“Why train other salons’ apprentices?” “What’s in it for you?”

“Are you going to steal our apprentices?” “How good can you really make them?” These are some of the questions we have dealt with from many salons in our time as an academy, and the honest answers to these ones are:

“Because we want to create the best hairdressers we can for Falkirk and surrounding areas, bringing the standard of hairdressing up to an amazing level whether in our salon or other ones.

Nothing is in it for us really, yes we claim funding to help support the apprentice through their training, but for us, we just love educating and seeing people become what they want to become.

No, we aren’t looking to steal anyone’s apprentices and we sign an agreement with every salon to say just that.

We believe that every apprentice who we are training, have trained and will be training, we can make a better hairdresser than most other academies. That’s our opinion but we can back it up and also believe it. If you want to ask any of the salons we already support, we will put you in touch.”

Anne Miller/Ross Miller (Quality Director and Owner) “We are proud of our academy and all our past achievements in training and education, from winning awards such as Best Training Organisation to individual training awards and IIP status. Over the years we have made and trained many of the hairdressers and salons you and your families may have gone to. Long established salons and stylists in the Falkirk and surrounding areas have come through our academy into our salon and progressed onto being amazing stylists in their own right, with the support and education that we have provided over all these years. Now for the next generation”.

What else do we provide?

If you want to become a hairdresser but aren’t sure how you could, we can help.Not everyone can become an apprentice, through age and funding restrictions, so we also provide services for anyone that is out of this age group or not in an employed status where they can pay privately. This can be expensive, but we have a payment scheme set up to make it completely in your control as to how much you can afford to pay and also over the best time scale for you. This makes it as accessible as possible for everyone. Contact us and we can help you.

Member salons

Every salon that has an apprentice with us automatically becomes what we call a “member  salon”. As this type of salon, you can come to us for support in education and business support too, whether it’s contractual HR or improving your income and profits. Perhaps with retail or with clients.

You will also gain access to all hair courses we provide to keep you as up to date as possible with a massive 40% off all costs and you can also join our monthly payment scheme, to allow all your team to benefit from ongoing education and become part of our growing network of salons.

Finishing School for everyone to join.

Not only that, but we also deliver a finishing school, capturing the areas learners may be struggling with, filling in gaps that perhaps aren’t covered in a VQ; we call this transition, which helps take them to the salon floor much faster but also much better equipped. This school will be available to anyone that wants to look at this as an option, whether it’s to refresh, to fill gaps in, or polish up on things they aren’t sure of, we will be there to help and support all of this, with our incredible education team who we have in our academy. All delivered in our salon.

For any information on the FREE training and school, contact us on 01324 638 603 or email us at, to find out how you or your team can access our training for FREE.