Renella. A family Business? Or a business that is a family!

The question/statement above has always been something that, in my 30 years of working within Renella and my own family’s business, has crossed my mind many a time.

I truly believe that the name Renella and the business that it is, has become an institution in Falkirk, having been there now for 52 years, first opening its doors on May 20th, 1969.This is something that | know as a family we are all really proud of; not only to have been in business for this length of time, but also to have seen so many people come and join us and take us to where we have been and still are. This brings me to the point I made at the top…


The question/statement above has always been something that, in my 30 years of working within Renella and my own family’s business, has crossed my mind many a time.

At Renella we have always looked upon everyone who has been a part of Renella as family. Is this perhaps how business should look at any team members? We talk, read, and learn about many business ways. We even get letters after our names to say we are business management, and although all of this is needed and great to study, perhaps the ways I have seen in the salon that my family created aren’t spoken or learned about enough! I have looked around our town and, over the years, Falkirk has had a plethora of good businesses. Many, if not most, we had in the town were family run businesses. It’s been a staple of our town for years. In my opinion it’s one of the things that made our town, and although we may be in a different time now, there are still a good number of family run shops that have been around for a good period of time now.

It’s all too easy to open a shop on your own, perhaps not as easy as it once was, and to be on your own, work for yourself and not want to involve anyone else. However, my feeling is that we are missing the “family part” or at least the need to be a part of a team, a group, a business that is not individual in its manner. Like any family, we don’t always agree, we don’t always see eye to eye, but we should always look out for each other. We should ultimately want the best for our family, and I would like to think that we always did that, and we always felt we had many that would do the same for us in return. Even to this day we would always try and help and look after anyone even if that “family “member was no longer with us. Let’s face it, many of our family live away, but we don’t stop looking out for them purely because they live away. The one big difference is that, in business, people will naturally want to go out and seek their own paths, create their own business. That is business life and must always be respected. We should never try JAN -MAR 2020 and stop this happening, and couldn’t anyway. What we hope that we have instilled in anyone in the team over the years is not only how to have a business and how to have a good work ethic, but also how to look after their team or if no team then their clientele, which I know they all do. Now, more than ever, we need to be able to look out for each other and be there for each other, just as a family would always be. I, for one, will always have an open door for anyone needing support or just a chat; however I can help, I will. Recently, we have been working hard on anew salon, renovating it, and it’s ready to go.

We decided to have an official opening day on May 20th, 2021, to coincide with our original opening day May 20th, 1969. It’s a symbol day in our family with Anne and Tom’s anniversary date a year earlier in1968, and my youngest daughter’s birthday on May 20th also. So, we felt it appropriate to see this day as an official opening day again, and got the founders to cut the ribbon on the new doors to mark the day with a whole new family, and also a family that is growing now with new members looking to come on board too when we get our clinic rooms up and ready. So, our family and legacy, the institution that is Renella, can continue to create, develop, and produce a whole new generation of top stylists and now also clinics. Although the owners may have changed with me as original family and bringing in salon family in Laura Hill and Moira Holland Forrester as partners, this allows the family to grow, expand and develop, a bit like a marriage if you like when others come together and, from there, the tree branches grow. So, let’s see the tree get bigger over the years and stay alive in the family name; family in person, and the new marriage of family that have come along. Business or family? What would you want yours to be? Remember, it can be both.